Zen Launchpad Goes Euro

Exciting news for startups and entrepreneurs in Europe, the Zen Launchpad team is headed your way!

We will be visiting six vibrant European cities in the next month, including London England, Brussels Belgium, Luxemburg Luxemburg, Prague Czech Republic, Saltzburg Austria, and Munich Germany.

This is a unique opportunity for startups and small businesses to connect with the Zen Launchpad team and explore potential collaborations and expansion with our Accelerator Program.

Each of the cities has a unique startup ecosystem, with its own particular strengths and areas of focus. London, for example, is known for its diverse culture and entrepreneurial spirit, while Brussels is a hub of international business and politics. Luxembourg has a thriving business community with a focus on finance and technology, and Prague is a charming city with a growing startup scene. Salzburg is home to a number of innovative startups in tourism and hospitality, and Munich is a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship in Germany.

We would love to connect with you to explore potential collaborations and ways in which we can enhance our engagement with the startup community in Europe with our Accelerator Program.