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Zen Launchpad + Spring Activator 
Startup Visa Program

Immigrate to Canada, and launch your Startup.

Offered in partnership with Spring Activator, a designated Start-Up Visa Program Organization.

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About the Zen Launchpad + Spring

Product & Technology Accelerator Program

Zen Launchpad + Spring's Product & Technology Accelerator Program (PTAP) offers cohort-based face-to-face incubation and acceleration programs. We in partnership with Spring Activator help immigrant entrepreneurs who own businesses that create a positive social or environmental impact, move to Canada, apply for Permanent Residence status and scale globally through the Canadian Startup Visa immigration pathway. 

How do we do it? Apart from delivering the programs, we provide you with support and a community to help you make Canada the new home for your venture.

What is exactly the Start-Up Visa Program?

Spring Activator is a designated organization within the Canadian Start-Up Visa Program, where the Canadian government looks to attract other entrepreneurs from around the world to come and bring their businesses to Canada.

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Why Zen Launchpad + Spring?

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Understand the process of raising capital and/or the path to launch

Become a part of the connected Zen Launchpad and Spring community that will help you build meaningful relationships with startup ecosystem players in Canada.

Familiarize yourself with the entrepreneur ecosystem, consumer behaviour, and business culture in Canada.

Access personalized training and mentorship.

Learn to better define and measure your impact.

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Leverage our service support in the areas of:

Program Requirements

Zen Launchpad + Spring PTAP

  • Company Stage & Experience

  • Research Rationale of why Canada

Read more about the PTAP Requirements​

Start-Up Visa Program

  • Primary Ownership

  • Canadian Representation

  • English Language Proficiency

Read more about the Start-Up Visa Program Requirements.

Please note that you need to be able to fill both requirements in order to participate in the program.

Apply Today.

Full Service Support

Set up and grow your business. Learn more.

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We are currently evaluating applications for eligibility in the Winter cohort of the Product & Technology Accelerator Program.

(Next cohort starts on January 15, 2024).

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