In addition to roles with Zen Launchpad, we also support hiring for our portfolio companies. We are currently seeking candidates for the following positions.

Venture Scout - Zen Launchpad. The Venture Scout role is responsible for finding potential founders and early-stage startups around the globe. This role requires a massive personal network and the ability to make things happen every single day.

Intern - Zen Launchpad. If you are looking for an opportunity to work with startups from dozens of countries an internship at Zen Launchpad is an incredible opportunity. We primarily hire interns from universities in Vancouver Canada but we are open to working with other programs as well.

Co-Founder - Various Companies. If you are a founder looking for a team drop us a resume and we will do our best to play matchmaker. We talk to thousands of founders a year so we very well may know someone that would be a perfect fit.

CTO - RentalUp. Our portfolio company RentalUP is reimagining the shared accommodation market and they need a CTO to help them realize their vision.

CEO - RACDAR. Our portfolio company RACDAR is reinventing Radar. They have an experienced technical team but they need a CEO to help guide them.

CEO - Tern Robotics. Our portfolio company Tern is building the future of mineral exploration and search and rescue. They need an experienced CEO to take them to the next level.

Business Development-Focused Founder - One of our yet unnamed companies with an existing technology team, product, and revenue is looking for a business development-focused co-founder. They are an existing AI company looking to enter the North American market.

If you are interested in any of the roles listed or want to be considered for a role that is not listed please send an email to with details on the role you are seeking,  a link to your LinkedIn profile, and a resume in pdf format.