Zen Launchpad April Update

Portfolio Update: Zen Launchpad portfolio company Nubel announces a significant collaboration with Payoneer

Congratulations to Zen Launchpad portfolio company Nubel on their recently announced collaboration with Payoneer, marking a milestone in their journey towards simplifying business operations globally!

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Meet the Innovators: MERiTHIA

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the chaos often accompanying managing money matters? It's an everyday struggle, but there's light at the end of the tunnel. MERiTHIA isn't your typical consulting and training company; it's a dynamic force that empowers people to attain financial freedom.

Meet the Innovators: MAI Product

Mai Product aspires to be the premier supply chain partner for digital social media influencers seeking personalized merchandise, aiming to revolutionize how influencers bring their creative visions to life. By leveraging cutting-edge AI and championing sustainable practices, we empower influencers to efficiently and responsibly deliver customized products. 

Upcoming Event - April 9th: Open Session on Canada Start-Up Visa Program

Looking to launch your own business in Canada? Mark your calendars and join us for an open session on Zen Launchpad’s Canada Start-Up Visa Program on Tuesday, April 9th, from 9:30 AM to 10:00 AM PST.  

If you're a driven entrepreneur aiming to expand your business to Canada, this event is for you! 

Upcoming Event - April 11th: Co-Founder Matchmaking Online Event

Join us for an exciting Co-Founder Matchmaking Online Event on April 11th, where aspiring entrepreneurs come together to find their perfect match and build the next big thing!

Upcoming Event - April 19th: Reduce Stress & Avoid Burnout

You have a business that makes a positive impact in the world, but you are constantly navigating the high levels of stress that come with entrepreneurship. Perhaps you have been ignoring the symptoms and waiting for your circumstances to change. It's time to take control and change your circumstances. Join us for an insightful session with Lucy Cullen on April 19th!

Upcoming Event - April 29th: Localization Session

Are you looking to enhance your marketing and sales strategies for the American market? Curious about the nuances of localization that could make a significant difference in your approach? Join us for an insightful Localization Session with Zach Janik on April 29th!