Meet the Innovators: Introducing ROIS

We are excited to introduce ROIS, one of the members of the current Zen Launchpad Accelerator cohort.

ROIS is a one-stop shop for Big Data analysis, optimization solutions, decision-making automation, and business consulting. They offer intelligent solutions and services for companies to reduce operational costs, increase profitability and improve service efficiency. ROIS specializes in crew management and airport resource management, helping airline reduce manual effort while achieving optimal operational results through fast and accurate complex analysis.

The team has expertise in data intelligence, mathematic modeling, business know-how, and product & technology management - essential to building a world-class solution.

Most companies have manual decision-making processes and thus largely rely on human experience and institutional knowledge. Their optimization solutions encapsulate human intelligence into machine intelligence and fully automate the decision-making process and result. 

ROIS’ optimization engines or algorithms take breakthroughs in operation research, a combination of time-space networks, mixed integer programming (MIP), heuristics, iterative improvement techniques, machine learning, and simulation. Their solutions enumerate and evaluate a large number of feasible solutions (often in millions) to any decision problem and recommend the best decision that significantly out-perform the human brain.

ROIS is an essential partner for businesses looking to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. Their expertise in big data analysis, optimization solutions, decision-making automation, and business consulting makes them a one-stop shop for all data analysis needs.

With their intelligent solutions and services, businesses can reduce manual effort, improve service efficiency, and increase profitability.

Stay tuned for updates on their journey!