Exciting News: Zen Launchpad Partners with Guideli for the

United States Exceptional Talent Incubation Program

Exciting News Alert! Zen Launchpad is thrilled to announce our partnership with Guideli for the United States Exceptional Talent Incubation Program. This revolutionary venture opens doors for outstanding startups worldwide, allowing them to make their mark in the United States through the O1 Exceptional Talent visa.

Guideli, a tech-driven immigration company will assist startups with visa applications, while Zen Launchpad provides incubation support and ensures a smooth market entry. The United States Exceptional Talent Incubation Program is a joint initiative between Guideli and Zen Launchpad designed to assist exceptional startups in moving to the United States on the O1 Exceptional Talent visa.  It is a fantastic opportunity for talented individuals to pursue their career goals in the United States.

This partnership isn't just about visas and paperwork – it's about empowering visionary startups to break barriers, transcend boundaries, and chart new horizons of success. So, if you're ready to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality and make waves in the United States, the United States Exceptional Talent Incubation Program awaits.

Whether your company's needs lie north or south of the border, we're here to support your journey to new opportunities. For companies seeking relocation opportunities, we offer comprehensive support through our partnerships. Through our collaboration with Spring Activator, we facilitate the Canada Startup Visa program. And our partnership with Guideli enables us to assist with the United States O1 Exceptional Talent Visa

To get started simply send your application to apply@zenlaunchpad.com

Curious to learn more? Drop us a line at contact@zenlaunchpad.com