Celebrating Success: From Entrepreneur to Canadian Permanent Resident

In March 2023, Zen Launchpad launched its startup visa partnership, opening the door to Canada for aspiring entrepreneurs like Lincoln Islam. Fast forward to today, and Lincoln stands as the first candidate to receive Permanent Residence under the Zen Launchpad and Spring Activator Startup Visa Program, achieving this milestone in a remarkable ten months.

Moving to Canada with your business might sound like a big leap, but for Lincoln, it's been a journey filled with determination and excitement. In less than a year, Lincoln went from entrepreneur extraordinaire to the proud holder of Canadian Permanent Residence, thanks to the Zen Launchpad and Spring Product and Technology Accelerator Program.

As we congratulate Lincoln on his achievement, we also celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead. His journey serves as inspiration for aspiring innovators everywhere and of the possibilities that are opened up by the Startup Visa program.

So, here's to Lincoln – a testament to the power of seizing opportunities to the next chapter of his extraordinary journey!