Helping innovators launch & grow
their robotics, IoT, and AR/VR ventures

Next cohort starting in September 2022

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Accelerator Program

The Zen Launch Pad Accelerator Program will help you launch and grow your robotics, IOT and AR/VR ventures. You will have access to an experienced team of engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs as well as a prototyping lab, small volume manufacturing facility, and digital media studio.

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Support Workshops

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Need to solve a specific issue like Product-Market fit, Pricing Strategy or Crowdfunding? Our Zen Launch Pad workshops can provide the targeted support you need to address difficult challenges that stand in the way of growing your business.

Leadership Circle

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The Zen Launch Pad Leadership Circle provides workshops, peer-to-peer exchange, and access to leading industry advisors. We can help you to develop a business plan that is realistic, high-quality and fully integrated with your overall business goals. Take your business to the next level by joining our leadership circle today.


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Since 2013 ZenLaunchPad has provided support to early-stage companies in British Columbia, Canada.


Whether you are just starting to explore the idea of starting your own company or looking for the funding and advice to develop your prototype we can assist.

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Cyri Jones

Thought leader in the STEM/STEAM education sector.

Cyri Jones has over 25 years of business experience specializing in marketing, information technology, entrepreneurship & project management. 

CYRI JONES | Founder

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John Schaub has led in a broad range of organizations and has a deep background in product management and business analysis.

John Schaub




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